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Chimney Sweeping

There are many reasons why you might consider sweeping your chimneys. It is not only to look good and be clean, but it's also to provide you with a healthier living environment. Professional chimney sweeping is essential if you want to maintain the value of your home and ensure that you keep your ongoing maintenance costs as low as possible.

Chimneys can easily get dirty and clogged, depending on the number of times you use them every year. Experts recommend that you have your chimneys swept and cleaned at least once a year and this means that you need to work with a reliable team to handle this on your behalf. You’ll also increase the overall value of your home as you will eliminate any possibility of a blockage or even a fire as a result of your chimney system. That’s why it’s important to always meet with a potential supplier, ask for recommendations about their work, and see what they can offer you. With the right team, you’ll have professionally cleaned chimneys all year round

Tar Removal

It is important to consider removing tar from your chimney system. As time goes by, tar can build up inside your chimneys, and this can lead do a health hazard as well as a fire hazard.

That is why it is always a good idea to check for any tar build-up inside your chimneys and have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis, at least once a year. Tar can be dangerous if it builds up in your chimneys, as it is not only a health hazard, but it can also cause a blockage and subsequently be a fire hazard. That is why it's important to remove any the build ups from the chimneys on a regular basis. A cleaner chimney system also means a healthier home or working environment for everyone on the property. 
dirty old grey chimney
installing an open fire in the chimney stack
brick chimney on roof
2 ceramic chimney pots against blue sky
single ceramic and brick chimney with antennae

Chimney Unblocking

Chimney unblocking is a great way to ensure that your chimneys stay clean and healthy. It is always a great benefit to have cleaned chimneys inside your house, as you will not only ensure that it looks clean and tidy but also that you have no health hazard around.

At A S Chimneys we specialise in professional chimney unblocking services and our team is qualified and experienced in handling a variety of chimney systems. We ensure that we completely unblock your chimney come up make sure that it's clean and also ensure that all parts are working as they should. We can also undertake additional chimney repairs when needed, thereby helping you to eliminate any unnecessary repair costs in future.

herring gull bringing nest material back to chimney stack

Birds Nest or Animal Removal

In some cases, you might have a bird's nest inside your chimney come up especially if you haven't used the system for a long time. This means that you will need to have a professional remove the bird's nest to ensure not only the animals safety, but also remove the hazard that exists inside your chimney system for you to use it effectively.

At A S Chimneys we specialise in the bird's nest removal from your chimney system, and we can also provide other animal removal from your chimneys. We also ensure that safety is always a priority and that will leave you with a clean and good-looking chimney to use. Our team is highly professional and experienced and can remove any animal or birds nest from your chimney system.

Guards for Birds & Cowls Supplied

In addition to having your chimney system professionally cleaned and inspected, it is always a good idea to install a guard to avoid birds entering your chimney system and making a nest, but you will have to remove at some point. It is safer for the birds and animals, and it's also safer for you as you won't have a blockage or a potential hazard inside your chimney system. 

We install a variety of guards for birds and other animals inside your chimney system. We ensure that your trim the system stays clean and opened so that you can effectively use it throughout the year. We can also do a regular inspection then sure that your chimney system is still open and that there isn't any additional build-up that may cause the health hazards to your house or property. We can provide you with regular chimney sweeping services to ensure that everything stays clean and that you comply with any required health regulations.

Discounts Available For Multiple Chimneys

At A S Chimneys we are proud to offer our valued customers discount for multiple chimney systems. This means you will save money if you need to have multiple chimney systems swept or maintained. We can also provide you with repair services to all your chimneys and also provide you with the removal of animals or birds nests from your chimneys. If you have multiple chimneys or multiple properties requiring chimney sweeping or cleaning, please get in touch. Would be happy to provide you with an affordable quotation for all your chimney cleaning needs. 

Our team is highly experienced and passionate about what they do, meaning that you will always get the best value for money and the highest quality service when it comes to chimney sweeping and chimney repair services. With the ability to have a professional team clean your chimneys regularly, you’ll have a neat and tidy system that performs optimally. We can remove any debris or blockages from your chimney system, ensuring that you’ll get the best value for money at all times. Chimney services are affordable and very effective if you choose to work with the right team. Simply have your chimney system checked and cleaned once a year and know that you comply with all the required health regulations. 

Chimney Sweeping

When it comes to domestic chimney sweeping services our company is a leader in the field, and we are also members of Derbyshire council’s trusted trader scheme to give you complete confidence, knowing that you work with a reliable and highly trustworthy team. 

We can handle the sweeping of all types of chimneys and appliances, and we offer a high-quality service. We can also remove blockages and even birds nests from your chimney, and we can also undertake a variety of chimney repair works.

We provide a comprehensive service to all our valued customers, and this includes a variety of sweeping chimney services as well as repair work. We aim to provide you with the ability to save on your long-term care costs come up by keeping your chimney clean at all times.

tall brick chimney stacks with ceramic chimney pots on top
installing chimney flue
burning firewood in fireplace

A S Chimneys specialises in chimney sweeping for your home or business. Having a clean chimney system is ideal for a healthy environment come up, and it also reduces the risk of any hazards recurring. Speak to us today for a complete list of services that we offer including our affordable chimney sweeping service.

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