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Chimney Repairs

Having clean chimney systems has a variety of benefits for any household. Not only does it provide a clean and healthy system but it also removes the possibility of fire risks and other blockages. That's why it's important to work with a professional team that specialises in the cleaning of chimney systems for your household. 

We do exactly that and allow you to benefit from a clean and healthy chimney system. This is a great benefit for every household as it will also help to maintain your property's overall value and allow you to ensure that you take care of your chimney system at all times. 

CCTV Surveys

One of the ways which we can provide you with a total cleaning of your chimney system is by making use of CCTV surveys. This is a great way for us to get a complete look inside your chimney system so that we can get an accurate idea of its current condition and what will be necessary to clean it completely.

CCTV surveys are quite popular because it enables our team to see the entire system, which would have otherwise not been possible. It gives us an accurate overview of the health of your chimney system, and it can also pinpoint any possible blockages and even broken parts inside the chimney system that may need to be repaired. With a proper overview of the entire system, we can provide you with an adequate repair service according to your bespoke needs. CCTV surveys are used in many modern chimney systems to ensure that it is properly cleaned and that the entire system is still in a good working order. 

You can contact our team for helpful advice and guidance on how we make use of CCTV surveys to ensure a complete chimney cleaning service.

brick chimney stack with metal guard on top
installed fireplace in domestic house chimneys on a tiled roof marble fireplace mid-installation

Smoke Pressure Testing

Smoke pressure testing allows you to check the safety of the entire chimney system and it's a very reliable measure regarding checking the efficiency of the flue as well. This technique is accurate, popular, and a great way to test your chimney system. If any parts have been badly affected by leaking flue, you can assess whether it is necessary to be realigned, as this can be a bit costly. You can also diagnose any smoking problems which reduces the likelihood of a chimney fire.

There are various other tests that you can do check integrity and the cleanliness of your chimney system. This includes an integration test, performance test, specification test, as well as tests for smoke efficiency. All of these tests will give you a good idea of the current condition of your chimney system and show you specific areas of improvement. From here we can go ahead and assess what is needed to restore or maintain your chimney system and keep it as clean as possible. It’s a great way to ensure that your house always retains its value and efficiency. 

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Gas Flow Block Repair

When you have any blockages inside your chimney systems, it can be a health and even a fire hazard, and it needs to be cleared up as soon as possible. But that is why it is important to work with our professional team to ensure that your chimney systems are always kept clean and tidy, as well as safe to use at all times.

If you are in need of a gas flow block repair, speak to our friendly specialist. We can clear up any flow blockages in your chimney system, to ensure that all gases and smoke can flow freely and safely. This is an essential service, and it is always a good idea to have your chimney system checked at least once a year. This will ensure that we can pick up on any possible issues as soon as possible and have them repaired to ensure that your chimney system is always working as it should.

Listed Properties

Listed properties may need to have a special inspection done to ensure that their ventilation systems are working as they should. You need to ensure that everything is safe and that there are no damaged parts that need to be replaced. The chimney system can be a health hazard unless it is regularly inspected and cleaned. Maintaining your chimney system is a great way to save money in the long run, as you will avoid having to replace specific parts due to them becoming damaged or faulty.

If you have a listed property, speak to our friendly team and found out how our chimney sweeping services can help you. We offer a high-quality service and ensure you maintain your property features as much as possible. We can provide you with a variety of services including bespoke repairs, chimney sweeping services, and as far as the removal of blockages. We can do a complete inspection of your current chimney system and give you recommendations as to what you can improve and how you can best clean your chimney service at your residential building.

Lining For Open Fires

Having the right chimney lining is essential for a bonfire as you want to reduce the possibility of hazards and blockages as much as possible. Open fires can be dangerous unless you have the right system installed and regular checks to ensure that it is always safe to use.

If you have an open fire, it is essential that you ensure that your chimney has a strong and safe lining. You have to ensure that you have a healthy system to work with as well as the correct lining before you install an open fire. At A S Chimneys we offer everything from a complete chimney inspection as well as repairs and even smoke testing. We can also provide you with an installation of the appropriate chimney lining, and we provide a free quotation to our valued customers.

Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping is a very effective way of cleaning your entire chimney system. A thoroughly cleaned system means you can be sure that you have a healthier and cleaner environment.

Chimney sweeping services are recommended to be done at least once a year, to ensure that there are no buildups inside your chimney system and that there are no additional fire hazards present. We can do these tests for you on a regular basis, depending on how often you use your chimney system. With chimney sweeping you can easily determine whether there are any specific issues inside your chimney that has to be fixed. Regularly maintaining your chimney system you will significantly save on future repair costs, as you can simply maintain and clean your system as opposed to repairing or even replacing the entire system every few years.

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At A S Chimneys we provide you with a complete chimney cleaning service as well as chimney repair services and the removal of any debris and blockages. We make use of a variety of techniques to ensure that we clean your chimney system as thorough as possible, reducing the overall cost of repairs over the years.

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