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Chimney Lining

When it comes to the chimney system maintenance, there are plenty of products that you can benefit from. That's why it's important to work with a professional installer such as A S Chimneys, to ensure that you not only get the best prices but also high-quality products that will last for years at a time. We specialise in a wide variety of products for your chimneys, including high-quality flue liners for your specific chimney system.

A dirty chimney is not only an ugly sight, but it can be unhealthy too. Not to mention the added costs of maintenance should you have to regularly repair your chimney system. That’s why you should ensure that you regularly clean and maintain your chimney, at least once every year. At A S Chimneys we promise that we will not only clean your chimney effectively, but also ensure that everything works as it should, and provide you with quality workmanship at affordable prices. We also install stove systems as well as replace chimney systems when needed. We work with high-quality products only, and this ensures that you always get value for money.

Schiedel ISOKERN

This chimney system has a solid construction and operation for maximum insulation. It is a very durable system that is designed to be very quick to install as well. This chimney system is made from durable blocks that are also easy to handle. The outer and inner blocks of this chimney system are specifically built to provide stability and safety. 

It offers a double layer, as well as an air gap in between which  helps to maximise your chimney’s insulation abilities. This chimney system is available in a variety of options, and it can be made available in various sizes. Some of the best features of this system include a speedy and easy assembling option, lightweight materials that are easy to handle, as well as air gaps that are formed between the flue and the outer casing to prevent the staining of the surface. This joint offers maximum safety and stability, which means it's one of the best chimney systems available.

modern chimney with silver cover
a row of ceramic chimneys on a brick chimney stack a concrete grey chimney with cover

Schiedel Twin Wall Flue Eco ICID

This product range has evolved into a multi-application system. It is an insulated system that applies to a variety of chimneys, and it makes use of modern technology and innovative system. The ICD Plus is ideal for traditional stoves and chimneys but it can also be used for a variety of other appliances and even condensing boilers that are capable of withstanding a lot of pressure. This specific design allows for the other case to be load-bearing, while the inside is then free to expand as needed. This means that the entire system makes provision for thermal expansion, even in every joint.

It is available in two versions so that you can either choose a bright colour or a matt black stainless steel outer case. This Schiedel Twin Wall Flue Eco ICID can operate at a temperature of 450°C and has an insulation thickness of 2.5 cm. It is corrosion resistant and made of stainless steel. It also features a handy twist-lock system that is ideal for securing the entire unit. It is HETAS listed for use on solid fuel applications, and it prevents moisture drawing through. 

workperson repairing a chimney on roof

Schiedel Flue Liners

This variety of flue liner is ideal for various chimney systems. They are very easy to install and operate the latest product technology for high performance and stability. Our flue liners are suitable for all types of fuels, including solid fuels, oil and gas. We also offer a wide range of accessories that will be perfect for various installations. We offer full compliance the latest standards and safety is always a priority.

Another benefit of these flue lines is that they allow for effortless cleaning and inspection of your chimney system. Our range of high-quality liners ensures a consistency when it comes to backfill insulation, and this is only one of the many benefits that you can enjoy. It can handle high temperatures and is quite resistant to thermal heat and pressure. It is ideal for a variety of applications, including various chimney systems.

CreAway - Creosote Remover

Creosote buildup in chimneys or fireplaces can be a hazard if it is not properly cleaned. This is why you need a product to clean your creosote. It will ensure that you can easily clean your chimney and ensure that it is healthier and cleaner to work with. Keep in mind that creosote is not recommended to be used with wooden stoves that have catalytic combusters.

CreAway is a powder that allows you to effectively and safely remove creosote from a chimney. It modifies the creosote so that it can easily be cleaned during your chimney sweeping. It has various ingredients, including a reactive agent that neutralizes a creosote, and making it less corrosive to metals and also less flammable. It also contains a dehydrated agent that absorbs the moisture and the oils, as well as a combustion inhibitor that eliminates the possibility of chimney fires. CreAway modifies 3rd-degree creosote converting it into a brittle state that makes it much more easier to clean. During cooling and heating cycles, creosote loses it's at his properties, and this means that it can easily be removed.

Eldfast Chimney Lining 

When it comes to chimney linings, it is incredibly important to have a durable product that is reliable and effective, and that is why it important to work with us to ensure that you get the best product especially when it comes to the safety of your chimney lining. We have a variety of products that are not only affordable but the offer you great value for money.

Eldfast Chimney lining offers you a variety of benefits. It is a ceramic lining system that is designed for in-set and open fires. Its name refers to the Swedish meaning of fireproof, and it is for this reason that the system is considered to be highly durable and effectively fireproof. This chimney lining system is used in a variety of chimneys throughout the world, and it is especially perfect for older homes and fireplaces. The ceramic mix in this chimney lining system does not contain any cement, and therefore it is very durable, lightweight, and easy to keep clean. We provide you with a wide variety of chimney lining systems including the old fast system that is durable and highly reliable.
fixing slate tiles on to a brick chimney stack
installed open fire in fireplace
woodburning fire

These are just some of the great products that we offer. Along with practical chimney cleaning, using the right products is essential if you want to ensure that your chimney is as clean and healthy as possible. 

We can advise on which system is the best for you. Call us today on 01332 824212 for a free quote.

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